If you haven't figured it out yet, I love helping entrepreneurs (just like you!) create passive income in your business. So I've decided to offer a Reign + Rebel Collective affiliate program!

Affiliates receive 30% of whatever sale you make - whether that' s on a $5 ebook or a $500 course.

Here's how it works:

1) Simply enter your information through the button below (even if you’re already on my email list).
2) You’ll receive login details and a welcome via email.
3) Use your customized link to share my blog or launch material.
4) Earn money for every friend you refer—ka-ching!

Once signed up, you can share your customized affiliate link anywhere: on your website, in emails, via Instagram stories (“swipe up”), on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snap.

Here are a few effective ways to promote:

1) Write an honest review on the product.
Write in depth about how you felt before you purchased the product and how it's helped you on the other side.

2) Send a dedicated email to your subscribers promoting the product.
Share your own experience and opinion about on it. Another way to boost sales is to offer an incentive to those who purchase by a specific time and date. i.e. swipe files, templates, digital products, etc.

3) Promote on Pinterest.
Pin your link on board and in group boards.

4) Promote on social media.
Just make sure you are following the rules of those platfoms or groups. Spam isn't cool, yo.

Payments are sent out to your Paypal account once a month and sales are tracked via cookies.

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