My 8 Favorite Tools For Sales Funnel Beginners

My 8 Favorite Tools For Sales Funnel Beginners

So you are ready to jump into the whole passive income thing. Good for you! A sales funnel is step number one when it comes to making passive sales for your digital products. Maybe you’ve done a bit of research on sales funnel tools and all the ones you see being recommended are either too expensive or too high-level for your beginner needs. I am here to tell you that sales funnels don’t have to be that expensive or that complicated. If that sounds more like your cup of tea, then keep reading because I’m going to share my favorite tools for sales funnel beginners – most of which are either free or low cost. Seriously!

Then, I’ll share my picks for when you are ready to upgrade in the future. Let’s dig in!

Digital Product Creation

Now : Canva (free)

If your product is in PDF form – an ebook, workbook, swipe file, you name it – then that’s easily created inside of Canva’s free design tool. Canva is my go-to design tool for really anything. It’s drag and drop interface makes it super simple to create beautiful digital goodies. It’s perfect for creating your opt-ins as well.

Later : Canva Pro ($12.95/m)

Upgrade to Canva Pro for more advanced features.

(The Opt-In below was made with Canva 😉)


Video Hosting

Now : Youtube (free)

If you are creating a video-based product like a masterclass or course, all you have to do is upload that video to Youtube as an unlisted video and then embed it into a landing page on your website (see my recommendations on that below). Unlisted means that it won’t show up on your public profile/account but that it’s still accessible via a link they generate for you.

Later : Vimeo ($12/m)

For stronger video security and more customization options, I recommend upgrading to Vimeo video hosting.

File Storage

Now + Later – Google Drive (free +)

Google drive is the king of file storage. Videos, pdf’s, folders, whatever you’ve got, Google can handle it. And you can get it for FREE with a gmail account. You also get access to their other tools like Docs, Slides, and Forms which are a business owner’s dream. Your welcome.

Bonus Tip: Your wordpress website has media storage included. Store and share your pdf from there.

Product Hosting / Delivery

Now : Your Website + Sendowl

Selling a course and need a way for your students to access it? Set up a password protected page on your website, embed those Youtube videos, links to any other resources you are making available and viola! When someone buys, they get the password to that page and access to all your content.

I’d also like to add here that if you want to use an affordable outside service to sell digital products and manage them for you, SendOwl is your best bet. At only $9 (and up) per month, it can store, sell, and deliver your digital goodies.

Later : Podia ($39/m)

Podia is the powerhouse of digital storefronts. They offer everything from selling digi products, to courses, to memberships, and even email! To top it off, they have bomb customer service. I’ve tried my hand at lots of services like this out there and Podia definitley offers you more bang for your buck.

Email Service Provider with Automation Ability

Now : Mailerlite (free +)

Funnels require automation – that’s the whole “passive” part of the equation so you’ve got to make sure your email service provider offers this! Back when I first started in online business, I looked high and low for a free email service provider that could do everything I needed and had almost given up when I found Mailerlite. Seriously, it’s the newbie business owners dream right here. You can set up sequences, automation, redirects, and segmenting all inside their platform for. free. guys!

Later : Convertkit ($29/m+)

If for some reason Mailerlite doesn’t fit your needs (I haven’t found the need to move since) then my next choice is Convertkit.

Check Out / Cart

Now : Paypal Buy Button (free)

Paypal business accounts give you the option of setting up Paypal Buy Now buttons that you can embed on any page on your website. It doesn’t get any more basic and free than that.

Later : ThriveCart ($495 one time fee)

And for when you are ready for a next-level cart software, ThriveCart is where it’s at. ThriveCart has been the single biggest investment tech-wise that I’ve made in my business and I’m sooooo glad that I did. Product management, checkout tech, upsells, down sells, funnel design, affiliate management – it’s a beast. So just call me beauty. 🙈

Bonus tip: If you use Podia, Sendowl, or another product host – many of them handle this for you!

Landing Page Builder

Now : Elementor (free)

No need to invest in a fancy landing page tool when the free WordPress plugin Elementor lets you build flawless, mobile responsive landing pages in a jiffy. Seriously, this is still what I use for all of my landing pages and recommend to all beginners out there. It works with any theme and is super intuitive with its drag and drop page builders.

Later : Thrive Themes ($19/m for membership – includes everything they make – or $69 one time fee for Architect)

Thrive Themes prides themselves on helping entrepreneurs increase their conversion rate and as a user myself I can say that it’s so true. Their website alone is a landmine of business gold nuggets and their page builder – Thrive Architect is amazing (as are every single thing they release).

Bonus tip: Many email service providers will also allow you to build a landing page within their system – Mailerlite does this too.

Countdown Timer

Now : Evergreen Countdown Timer (free)

Countdown timers are great for offering limited time offers that encourage a lead to make a buying decision quickly. A simple WordPress plugin called Evergreen Countdown Timer is free and super simple to whip up and embed onto your sales page. You can also set it up to redirect someone to an “offer expired” page as soon as the time is up.

Later : Deadline Funnel ($37/m)

This does the same basic thing as Evergreen Countdown but with more powerful features, like individualized email links that change when the timeframe has expired.

Bonus tip – For free email timers, check out the tool countdown timer

There you have it! My 8 favorite sales funnel tools for passive income newbies. Setting up a sales funnel doesn’t have to be a scary process. For more direction on setting up your first funnel, grab my free guide – Evergreen Sales Explosion – The 3 Step Rinse & Repeat System To Building A Ridiculous Simple, Fast, and Affordable Sales Funnel


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My 8 Favorite Tools For Sales Funnel Beginners

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