How To Design A High Converting Opt-In

Today I’m talking about how to create an opt-in that converts like crazy. Bottom line – I want you to succeed and there is a lot of conflicted or outdated information out there all about creating opt-in freebies and converting your leads over and sometimes it can feel like you’re pushing a snowball up a hill while it’s snowing outside and there’s rabid bunnies nipping at your heels and your babywearing your toddler.

Okay, okay. Maybe not, but all joking aside, the struggle is real guys. I’ve been around the business and blogging block for a while now and I’ve learned a lot from my failures and a lot from my successes as well of course.

One of the biggest hurdles that I’ve had to overcome in my own business journey is learning how to design a high converting opt-in that not only creates impact but can also create income for me and my business. So grab a notebook because we are going to dig in now and there are three aspects when it comes to designing a successful opt-in.

3 Aspects To A High Converting Opt-In

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The Packaging

The first is the packaging. After all an opt-in is a free digital gift that you are giving to your audience in exchange for their lead. So it needs to be treated as such. It needs to be presented that way. Here are my top three tips when it comes to packaging your opt-in offer.

Tip 1: Be strategic in placement.

You don’t want your audience feeling like you are trying to shove this opt-in down their throat every time they come to check you out. But you also don’t want to never mention it. So you really want to be intentional on where you’re placing this offer and how often you are mentioning it.

Tip 2: The name and the subtitle should do all of the convincing for you.

Your opt-in landing page shouldn’t be a mile long. You really don’t need that much of a detailed description of what they are going to find inside of your opt-in. It can just be overkill.

Your title and your subtitle together should kind of work as a team to not only hook that reader’s attention, but also create a mystery around the content inside so it leaves your audience wanting to know more. Leaving some curiosity there. At the same time, it should also very plainly describe what is going to be found inside. It’s not the time to try and be cute or clever with the name here. It should be something that allows them to identify exactly what they’re going to find inside of that opt-in.

Tip 3: Use pretty gift wrap.

Make it look visually appealing. Now there’s no reason to go get some high dollar design done, but you do want to catch the eye of your audience. So do use mockups and a visually appealing design so that it can create a more tangible feeling for your audience, so that it makes it a little bit more desirable.

The Content

The second aspect when it comes to a high converting opt-in is the content itself. Here are my top three tips for the content of your optin.

Tip 1: It should be easily consumable.

This is not the time to go out and write a 72 page ebook filled with information just for information’s sake. This is not your time to word vomit everything that you know on a particular subject to your audience. That’s not going to be very high converting. The reason being is that that’s a really high commitment for your audience.

You want to create a low commitment product – something that they can open up, sit down, and work through in one sitting. You don’t want to spend all that time creating something that they’re going to open, read the first page, and then never actually get to the good content stuff inside. Therefore, never really working through your opt-in and therefore not getting the chance to convert.

Tip 2: No fluff, please.

Now I love cotton candy as much as the next person, but when it comes to creating an opt-in, you want this content to be more like a salad – short, actionable and filled with stuff that’s good for you. Again, this shouldn’t be content just for content sake. It should be strategic content that stirs desire for your product or service.

Tip 3: The content should naturally lead to your product (or service) as the logical next step.

Don’t be afraid to mention your product’s name or to drop links to the waitlist page or the sales page even. Another great idea here is to actually say something along the lines of, “Inside of my course, so-and-so, I actually teach this entire process.” That’s completely okay. That’s great actually because it’s telling that reader where they can go next to learn more.

The Follow Up

Which brings me to aspect number three of a high converting opt-in, which is the follow up.

Tip 1: Show them the next step.

Don’t just dump all of this content on them without telling them where they should go next. At the very end of your opt-in at the bottom of the PDF or whatever kind of opt in you are creating, you should provide a CTA that leads them directly to your offer.

Tip 2: One CTA.

But don’t give them a thousand places to go. Keep it simple; lead them down one path. You don’t want to be inviting them to follow you on Facebook, join your group, follow you on Instagram, and join your secret coven all at the same time. This can provide hestiation and lead to no action being taken at all. So provide one single path. One end goal calls for one CTA. So make it count.

Tip 3: Make sure that you do have a follow up email sequence…

set up to be sent out a day or so after that person grabs your optin. Now, it doesn’t have to be a long sales pitch conversation like you see a lot of times if you don’t want it to be, but it is still a really good idea when you are establishing this new relationship with a new lead that you’re staying top of mind, that you’re staying visible, and that you’re continuing to develop that relationship further.

Those things are really important when it comes to conversion. Even if they don’t convert today, but do so in the future. Because remember, the leads that you get today might not be your customers today, but they could be your customers next week, next month, or even next year. So be sure that you’re nurturing that relationship.

There you go, guys. How to design a high converting opt-in that converts like crazyyyy.

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