Why You Don’t Need To Create A Million Freebies And What To Do Instead

how many freebies do you need for your business

How Many Freebies Do You Need?

Today I’m talking about how many freebies you actually need in order to grow your email list for your blog and business.

So something that I’ve seen a lot in the online space is that digital entrepreneurs will be throwing freebies left and right at their audience – and by freebies, what I mean here is a free digital resource, like a PDF, that you offer in exchange for a lead (somebody’s email address). And they do this, they throw these freebies out there left and right in hopes that somebody will snag that freebie and end up on their email list because we all know that email marketing is super powerful when it comes to converting a browser into a buyer. And so they will literally offer a new freebie on every single blog post.

Today I’m here to tell you why that might not be best practice for your business as well as why it might not even be beneficial for your audience … plus what to do instead.

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Think About Your Client's Journey

Reason number one here is that when you are making a business plan, when you are doing any kind of online marketing, you want to make sure that you are creating a single path for your audience to follow. One single path that’s going to lead them from your content to your offer. And this goes whether you are a service-based entrepreneur or a product based entrepreneur. Either way, it’s extremely important to create a map of a sort that you want your lead to go down from the moment that they find out about you to the moment they decide to buy your product.

It’s important to note that you don’t want this map taking them all over the place. You want it to lead directly in one straight single path to your offer. And when you create a million freebies that you’re throwing out there on all kinds of different topics, that’s not what you’re doing. You’re leading them this way and you’re leading them that way and you’re telling them, “Well, I can also do this!” You’re not leading them directly to the offer that you want them to buy.

Busy-ness not Business

And the second reason is that you are creating too much busy work for yourself by doing this. So instead of focusing your energy on connecting with your audience and converting your audience, you’re spending all of your time outlining a new freebie, creating a new freebie, designing this new freebie, marketing this new freebie. That’s a lot of busy work and energy that you could be spending doing something else, something that’s going to actually impact your business and create a transformation for your audience. Running your business this way is a direct path to more burnout, more overwhelm, and more busy-ness but not more business.

Big Shiny Objects

Now let’s shift gears here and talk a little bit about why this might not even be beneficial for your audience. When you are creating all kinds of freebies this way, when you’re offering so many different free offers and just kind of throwing content at them, what you’re doing is creating a breeding ground for shiny objects syndrome. And as we all know, that is not the result we want to create for our audience, for our ideal customer, what we want is to create a transformation for their life. We want them to take action on something. We want them to complete a task and reach a goal. We do not want them downloading a thousand free things online that maybe they don’t even use or maybe they do, and even if they do, it’s not leading them to where they want to go. It’s only providing them with some more free content.

And so when you focus on offering just a few pieces of free content for them, free content that will actually provide that transformation that they’re needing, you’re making sure that you’re attracting those people who are actually buyers. You want to make sure your business is attracting buyers. You don’t just want anybody on your list taking space and reading your stuff, maybe, or not reading your stuff, maybe. You want your ideal clients on your list. You want those people who you are in business for – the reason you are in business. You want those people on your list. You don’t just want anybody who’s out there grabbing freebies.

What's An Entrepreneur To Do?

So what do I recommend doing instead? In my latest blog post, I outlined the difference between a lead magnet and a content upgrade, and so if you’re interested in doing a little bit of reading after this video, you can do that here.

But for now, let’s talk a little bit about what I recommend you doing when it comes to lead magnets and content upgrades and opt-ins in general. So the very first thing that you’re going to want to do is create one lead magnet for your general audience. This is going to be created specifically for your ideal client. You want this opt-in – your lead magnet to be a no-brainer “Yes, I need this thing!” for your ideal client. This is going to be the lead magnet that you share all over your website, that you share in most of your calls to actions, in your social media posts, in your blog posts, those kinds of things. This is kind of like your signature opt-in, if you will.

Then when it comes to developing a new product, a new service, a new pop up offer, a new digital course or digital product – then you can create a specific content upgrade that leads your audience specifically to that offer.

So what you’ll do is you’ll share these in related blog posts. You’ll share these when you are in launch mode. And, this content upgrade is going to lead that audience member directly into your sales funnel for that product. So you want it to be a seamless transition from reading the blog post, reading your launch material directly into your email sales funnel. This kind of opt-in is meant to specifically attract a subcategory of your audience whose problems you are solving with that specific product or service you just created. This isn’t the kind of opt-in that you’re just offering to everybody here and there and throwing out into the world everywhere. This is specifically meant to lead to that one product of yours that you just created or offer.

To Wrap This Up

To wrap all of this up, what you should be leaving this video with is the knowledge that quality is much better than quantity when it comes to free content and providing free opt-ins on your website and to your audience. The whole point of creating an opt-in in your business is to connect with potential clients in a way that nurtures them and provides them immediate value. You want to make sure that your opt-ins are of extremely high quality, not extremely high quantity. That’s much less important.

I know you’ve heard the saying online that content is king when it comes to online digital marketing. And I have to say that’s not entirely true. Strategy is much more important. Strategy is king here. So with that little nugget of gold, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you next week for the next installment of this video series.

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how many freebies do you need for your business

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