What’s an Easy-Yes! Offer? (AKA – Your Tripwire Sales Funnel)

Tripwire sales funnel

I know what you’re thinking. What the funnel is a tripwire sales funnel? It’s an icky term, isn’t it? Personally, I avoid this phrasing at all costs because the last thing we want to describe our marketing efforts as is a… trap. Right?


The Easy-Yes! Offer (Tripwire Sales Funnel)

Instead, I use the term Easy-Yes! Offer when I’m teaching this concept. Because that’s exactly what a tripwire product is – a small digital product that provides ridiculous value at an extremely discounted (aka – affordable) price point. It’s an offer that is, hands down, an easy yes for your ideal client or customer.

But why create such a thing for your business?

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Easy-Yes! Offer Benefits

1) Easy-Yes offers are extremely powerful in converting a fresh lead from cold to warm in the click of a button. Literally! The way this kind of offer is designed allows you to build a list of buyers vs a list of freebie hunters. And we all know that a business that doesn’t make money…isn’t actually a business, right?

2) It allows you to establish your authority on your particular topic right off of the bat and allows easy access to a fraction of your ideals, teachings, and value as a business/coach/strategist/teacher to new audience members. When done correctly, this initial product can turn someone into a raving fan of yours, hungry for more of what you can offer.

3) It’s the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of passive income and sales funnels. A Easy-Yes offer funnel can be created literally for free with the right tools. You aren’t having to mess with mile-long email funnels, complicated marketing tools, or even create a mega course. The process is literally as easy as 1,2,3.

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What kind of products work best as an Easy-Yes! offer?

I’m glad you asked! So many people let themselves get overwhelmed at the thought of digital product creation, sales funnel set up, and passive income mapping. But the tripwire is seriously the simplest way to get started.

Your product should be a small, actionable digital product that provides instant value to the buyer. You aren’t creating a super long ebook with content for content’s sake and trying to sell that. Instead think more in terms of:

  • Masterclasses that work toward a single end goal
  • Template or swipe file bundles
  • Detailed how-to guides
  • Planners, workbooks, or guided journals

The easiest way to decide what you should offer is to ask yourself… what is the first step your ideal client/customer must take to achieve their goal? Now how can you facilitate a quick win for them? What solution can you provide right now that is deliverable as a small digital product?

What’s needed to create this type of thing?

I have an entire post on my favorite sales funnel tools – many of which are 100% free or low cost. I’m a huge believer in starting small and upgrading later. But when speaking specifically about the Easy-Yes Offer funnel you should look at:

1) Product creation tools – these will vary depending on the type of product you are creating. Canva is great for PDFs. Google Docs or Sheets for templates or swipe files. Google Slides for slideshow creation. All of those are free and simple to work with.

2) Landing pages – Your opt-in page, Easy-Yes! Offer page, and thank you pages are needed for this funnel. Want to skip the hard part and use my landing page templates? Check out the One-Click Funnel Template Gallery for all of your funnel design needs.

3) Automation tools – The biggest one here would be an email service provider that offers email automation. This way, you can have your payment method connected to your email service provider to deliver your freebie and your digital product via email. My favorite is Mailerlite for this. Of course, you can get fancy here with countdown timers, custom product delivery services, and more but those can easily be avoided.

So there you go! That’s my tripwire sales funnel 101 guide! Want my complete system for creating your Easy-Yes Offer product, funnel, and marketing strategy? Inside of Funnel Fast Track, I teach you step-by-step how to do all of this and more. Come check it out.

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Tripwire sales funnel

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