What’s A Value Ladder?

value ladder

Today I’m going to talk about something which is basically my favorite thing in the world when it comes to online business – the value ladder.

If you don’t know what a value ladder is, well then you’re in for a treat today because like I mentioned, it is like my favorite thing ever. So basically it’s a system, a lineup of offers that allows you to not only put most of your marketing on autopilot, but it also allows you to lead a customer on a single journey towards your more premium offers.

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Value Ladder vs Sales Funnel

Now a lot of people get the idea of a value ladder and a sales funnel mixed up, but they are two completely different entities.

A sales funnel is an evergreen marketing system where you start with one offer and then you kind of layer those offers on top of each other hoping to increase your overall income from this one single sales funnel.

A value ladder, on the other hand, is similar in the fact that it is a string of connected offers. However, a value ladder can actually be built upon multiple sales funnels. Okay, so they all lead to each other. You start with your free offer and you go up to your most premium 1:1 offer. However, it’s not all done at the same time like a sales funnel would be.

How To Design A Value Ladder

value ladder

If you want to design a system like this in your own business, it always starts out, like a sales funnel does, with a free offer.  This is like a PDF freebie. It’s a free digital gift of some sort that starts the relationship with your customer and gets them on your list so that you can then start building that relationship with them after that free offer.

Then, that’s where you start offering different levels of products for people who are on a different area in their journey with you as a customer. So, for instance, if somebody is brand new and they’re just getting started, you would offer them a low-priced digital product like an ebook, a workbook, a bundle of templates or something similar.

After that, you could offer them the next level later on a little bit of time down the road somewhere. But keep in mind, it’s not like you’re bam, bam, bam offering all these different things in a row. That’s not how this works. A value ladder is all about the bigger picture of your sales strategy.

So they start at the free offer and the initial small digital product for a quick-win, then in a few months – maybe they’re ready for the lead offer and then in a few months, maybe they’re ready for the core offer. So it’s kind of like an extended sales funnel of a sort.

Breaking It Down

Also, each offer in your value ladder can have a sales funnel for itself. So your evergreen marketing system for your small digital product might have its own sales funnel and then later something could happen that triggers the next sales funnel which offers them the next offer in your value ladder. So after that small digital product offer in a few month’s time, maybe they’re actually going to be ready for a course – something that takes the information in that small digital product and expands on it. That gets really deep into solving an issue and making a transformation for your customer. 

From that point, it depends on your business model, but maybe you have a membership or a mastermind or you have a 1:1 program that you want to eventually get them in to in the future. 

The thing about a value ladder – if it’s something that you want to incorporate into your business model is that it’s something that needs to be planned beforehand because the main ingredient here is that all of your different offers, all of the offers in your ladder need to line up with each other. They need to be seamlessly connected and flow from the first one to the next, all the way up to the very top – that premium offer.

So when you are designing your value ladder, it’s really, really important to understand who your ideal client is, what problem they’re facing, and how you can solve that for them. How you can facilitate a transformation. And that’s when you can start thinking like, okay – “What’s the first step somebody needs to take? Then all the way up to “how can I really change this person’s life? How can I change their business? Or change whatever issue your business addresses. What is the most transformational thing I can offer?” And that’s going to be that premium product at the very top, the most expensive product.

As your offers go up, as that lead goes up your value ladder, it is also getting more expensive. So it increases in price and it increases in value. What this does is it allows you to free up a lot of your time with marketing and make an automated system with sales funnels for all of those lower-end offers. And so all of that is on autopilot from when somebody signs up with you initially. And then you can do bigger launches or something like that for your more premium products- your core offer, your signature course and things like that.

And that’s how I value ladder works. So let me know in the comments below if this is something that is new to you, if it sounds exciting. Because it really is business-transformational, at least it was for me when I first learned this new concept.

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